Apr 30, 2012

just wow....

So while Dale and the older kids played monopoly, and greg was beating me at various tic tac toe and other games, David put pen to paper and drew this map. From memory. in about 30 minutes. David is 10. look closely, lots of cities are labeled, coastlines are somewhat correct, and our proposed route for our summer vacation is outlined...all from this 10 year olds memory!

What he didn't put on the map, but could have: the name of every professional franchise in every city. NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. And for the Next "Just Wow" Alex. He fractured part of his hand and little finger thursday night. Cast was put on friday at 3 pm. This crazy boy was in the front yard throwing at 4, and on the field for his baseball game at 6. Not only did he play the field, but he hit! a double! did I mention his cast is on his right hand and he is right handed! over the course of the weekend, he had 6 at bats, got 4 hits (2 doubles), 1 walk and 1 strike out..he can still throw further than me with his cast on! He is talking about pitching this week...really?
Shawn. This week Shawn performed the "lead" in the roadshow 3 times, went on his first date!, sang in sacrament meeting and taught seminary! He is one impressive kid. (he doesn't read my blog, so don't tell him I said that!)
Melissa. I am cheating, this "just wow" is from a few weeks ago, but the effect is still with me. After YEARS of balancing her hoarding tendencies with the need for a clean room, I had all but given up. I came home one night from somewhere, with her jumping to show me her clean room. It was amazing! It was clean AND it was completely rearranged!! The huge dresser, the full book shelf, the bed, the desk, everything in completely different locations! I ran down and thanked Dale for helping her clean and move her room. HE DIDN'T help her...he wasn't even aware it had happened. I asked her "Melissa, who helped you move all this furniture?!" so that I could thank them....her reply "Mom, I moved it all myself, do you like the new arrangement?" I was in shock...she isn't even a hundred pounds, has a house full of strong boys and a dad, and she moved it ALL HERSELF?!?!? for get the fact that she actually cleaned her room without me, but moved all that furniture herself!?!?! just WOW!! the girl is amazing! I am amazed at how often I step back and say "wow" at my kids. they are so amazing, and I just couldn't help but share a little glimpse of their amazingness with you! Thanks for letting me brag a bit!